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Excluded workers who live or work in the Los Angeles County or the DMV (District of Columbia, Virginia, and Maryland) metropolitan area are eligible for the $200 financial assistance grant. The application is only available electronically on Google Forms. Applications are accessible in English and Spanish and are processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Applicants must meet the following requirements to receive funding: 

  • Must live or work in the Los Angeles County or DMV (District of Columbia, Virginia, and Maryland) metropolitan areas; and
  • Must be an excluded worker, meaning:
  • An individual who cannot access unemployment insurance, pandemic unemployment assistance, stimulus checks, healthcare, sick pay, hazard pay, pensions, or other social support systems;
  • And is an individual working in the service sector, which includes the retail, food service, warehousing, transportation, sanitation, beauty, hospitality, and domestic industries; Or the informal sector (those who do not have a formal employer or employee contract), which includes domestic workers, street vendors, homeworkers, sex workers, day laborers, etc.
  • Must not have received funding in the last three months.

Please submit one application per household. Only one member of each household needs to meet the above requirements.

Households may submit a request for funds every other month. All requests are guaranteed a response within ten days.


Check back at a later time for the January 2022 grant application release dates.


︎ @happyhourfund︎ @happyhourfund︎ happyhourfund@gmail.com