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Q: How do I get involved with the Happy Hour Fund?

A: Please submit a volunteer form or contact us at happyhourfund@gmail.com if interested in partnering for an event.

Q: How do I request more information about my donation?

A: 100% of donations support excluded workers who apply for funds. We will not release information regarding the name or other identifying information of those who have received funding without their explicit consent. Please contact us through happyhourfund@gmail.com to learn more about your specific donation.

Q: How do I request a cash payment?

A: We do not provide cash payments at this time. If you cannot receive funding through other forms of payment (Venmo, Paypal, CashApp, Zelle/Quickpay), please email us at happyhourfund@gmail.com.


Please contact us through email, Instagram DMs, or Facebook Messenger in English or Spanish.

︎ @happyhourfund︎ @happyhourfund︎ happyhourfund@gmail.com